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     Discover a luxuriant environment and experience magnificent views from the top of the enchanting island of

St. Martin. With iguanas in the trees and the sound of monkeys echoing through the valley, it's the nature lover's paradise. 


     Choose between an elegant boutique hotel, a private villa, and a cozy bungalow perched on the edge of a cliff. Three different properties, all in the same vicinity, each nestled amongst the trees, sitting at 400 meters (1300ft) above sea level, in the upscale yet charming Antillean neighborhood of Pic Paradis. 

    Pic Paradis is off the beaten path, and that is exactly why we love it. Soaring above the Easterly side of the island, there is no better vantage point to appreciate Saint Martin's sunsets. Up here, the sense of tranquility is tangible. Your surroundings will occupy your senses while leaving you completely relaxed. 

     We create a space where luxury and nature merge. This island is incredibly unique, and we hope to provide a stay that enhances every aspect of your travels. Stay with us, and let us show you our home island from new heights. 

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